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Call to Action What You Need to Know About LD2147: The Act to Remove the Requirement for Stamping or Embossing of Universal Symbols on Edible Cannabis Products

Talking Points for LD2147

An Act to Remove the Requirement for Edible Cannabis Products to 

Be Stamped or Embossed on Each Serving with a Universal Symbol


Hearing is January 24th at 9:00 am- we are meeting in the cafeteria at 8:00 to 8:30 before we go to the VLA Committee for the Public Hearing.

LD2147 will NOT modify LABELING or CHILD-RESISTANT packaging requirements.  These elements of both programs, medical and adult use, actually protect pets and children when coupled with responsible parenting. 

LD2147 will remove the subjectivity of OCP's application of a criteria that is not quantifiable by objective measurement.  OCP inspectors have clearly demonstrated that these symbols stamped on food create a subjectivity that cannot be measured objectively. While one inspector approves one product stamp or embossing,  another does not approve the very same manufacturer's products. Given a photo of approved and not approved embossing, no one can correctly identify the products that passed and failed. This is subjective – there is no criteria as to the depth of the embossing, for example, but it is up to the individual inspector according to OCP. 

Program participants utilize expensive molds specified by OCP, at the program participants' cost.  Regardless of purchasing what the OCP indicated, many participants are not passing this embossed symbol requirement. This has resulted in 10’s of thousands of dollars of product sitting on shelves, aging, and not allowed to be sold. This is a loss of revenue and taxes not only for these participants,  but for Maine overall. 

Also due to lack of training, OCP Inspectors often muddle what rules and laws apply to which program. For example,  while voluntarily utilized by some medical license holders, this symbol is NOT REQUIRED on packaging,  nor embossed on edible products. The use of this symbol is only required in Maine's Adult Use program currently, yet we have medical licensees whose products are being held off the shelf due to this symbol. 

Defund OCP, or at least require inspectors have experience and training in cannabis related businesses? The retired law enforcement officers do not have the proper training or backgrounds to effectively manage these cannabis programs.


Can't make it January 24th, No worries you can submit testimony online!



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