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About Us

Bringing Maine's Cannabis Industry TOgether!

The objectives and purpose of this organization is:

  1. To advance and protect the rights of members engaged in the legal cannabis industry programs under the constitution and laws of Maine.  The union is a non-partisan organization that uses advocacy, electoral, communications, education, and engagement programs to achieve its purpose.

  2. To organize community support and advocacy for the safe use of and access to cannabis in Maine communities.

  3. To promote the sustainability of Maine's cannabis industry, to protect safe and affordable access for medical patients, and to protect the industry from over regulation.

  4. To promote the elimination of illegal, unregulated operations that impact the well-being of legal operations compromising the ability of our membership and other businesses operating within the scope of Maine law to provide safe and affordable products.

  5. To provide assistance in obtaining access to policy analysis, education, legal services, insurance and more.

  6. To advance and protect the rights of program participants including patients, caregivers, employees, program registered identification card holders or assistants, Maine adult-use program card holders and employees in both Maine Use of Medical Cannabis and Maine Adult-Use Cannabis.

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